Westside Food Pantry

For 28 Years

Sharing is Our Story

Serving the towns of Southwest Harbor, Tremont, and Mt. Desert,


Caring Lives Here


It's good to live someplace where people care.


The Westside Food Pantry continues to put caring into practice. Anyone who comes to the Pantry is asked the same first question: "Are you a neighbor? Do you live among us?" That's it, nothing more. If you live here that's all the Pantry has to know. This is the place where caring lives and gives.


Around here we don't conduct "means testing " or perform a "needs assessment." The simplest way to show that we care is to respond to the neighbor standing right in front of us.


The Westside Food Pantry receives simple donations in the form of money, volunteered time, a fund raising effort, an exchange of a kind word between neighbors on distribution Sundays and these turn into help where our neighbors need it.

Simply put: Caring lives here.

Annual Thanksgiving Basket Distribution


125 food baskets are distributed each Thanksgiving to our neighbors on the Westside

For 28 Years !


A Cooperative sharing of the Westside Communities and the St. Andrew and St. John Episcopal Church on Mt Desert Island, Maine

PO Box 280 * Southwest Harbor, ME 04679 * 207-664-8615 * westsidefoodpantry@gmail.com

Web: westsidefoodpantry.org